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I ordered two sets of 500ct Egyptian Cotton sheets from back in may. I logged into woot using my Amazon Prime login and I am so glad I did.

When the sheets came, they were not only NOT egyptian cotton, they were not 500ct. They were literally like no sheets I'd ever seen, more like cheesecloth than bed sheets. I initiated a return, and at that time realized there was an old, expired email associated with my woot account that woot defaulted to instead of my Amazon Prime account login email. I thought that would be easy enough to clear up, because I logged in with my Prime account, used my credit card and billing/shipping info, etc.

I emailed woot about this, and was able to get a call back from them, and a customer service agent sent me an email with an RMA# and a UPS tracking number to my personal email address, since their system automatically wanted to send the return info to the expired email address. She assured me I could just print out this email and give it to UPS and they would be able to generate a label. So I took this junk to UPS, and lo and behold the information listed in the email did not provide adequate information for UPS to generate a label. So now I come home and email woot, asking for someone to call me or email me as to what I should do not.

Not only did someone not call me, but for every email I sent, I would just get the same email back. "We can only initiate a return if it comes from the buyers email associated with the woot account." I would write them back, explaining that I used my Amazon Prime login to make the purchase, but woot was defaulting to an old email address that was no longer in existence, and the return should go to my email address associate with my Amazon Prime account, as that's what I used to log in to place the order. No mater what I wrote, they just sent back the same response over and over. So I was NOT going to get my money back according to woot.

As woot is an affiliate of Amazon, when you log in with your Prime account, you are covered by Amazon's A-Z guarantee, which means that if for some reason you have an issue with in regard to something like a return, Amazon will intervene on your behalf to resolve the issue, and if they can't, or woot is unresponsive, they will honor that return and refund your money. This was essential in my case, because even after Amazon initiated contact with woot to contact me regarding this, woot did not respond. Amazon is initiating one more escalation to try to get woot to respond, and if they don't, Amazon will be refunding me. If it wasn't for me logging on with my Amazon Prime login, I would not have been able to complete my return through woot.

I probably would have had to file a fraud claim with my credit card company and waited even longer for my refund.

So PLEASE, for your OWN SAKE, if you have an Amazon Prime account, log in with it to place an order and don't create a separate woot account to place your order. You might need that Amazon A-Z guarantee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheet Set.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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