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Update by user Mar 19, 2013

Update: I must say, has done the right thing. They've offered my a refund *and* a pre-paid label for my return. This is commendable.

I would erase this complaint if I could, but I don't see that option.

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2013

Just received an AOC monitor that was DOA...upon finding how to return it I read,

"How do I return a defective product?

Unless we specifically tell you not to, call the manufacturer of the product you bought...Know that return freight will be at your expense." In other words, we just *accept* cash...we're not accustomed to giving it back., they're not. I think they need to spend more time developing customer service instead of writing daily monkey cartoons...or maybe that should have been a tip-off right there.

So, basically, you have a choice of spending $15 to return either to Woot, or to AOC a $100 item that was defective on delivery.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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You might try emailing their customer service before you assume the worst.

to Give it a try Little River, South Carolina, United States #625565

I did, and they came through with flying colors!


With a name like, what could go wrong, amirite?

to Thorn Conway, South Carolina, United States #624138


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